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The purpose of family counselling is to find means for relative to aid each other. In family therapy, a specialist collaborates with families as well as those in close relationships that experience problems. The specialist explores their views as well as connections to comprehend the issues they are having. It aids family members to connect better with each other. It can help families to alter, develop and deal with the problem. You may be provided family therapy if the entire family is in the problem. This might be since one family member has a serious problem that’s impacting the rest of the family. Family counselling is also referred to as systemic psychiatric therapy. Family counselling appropriates for kids and also grownups of all ages. Visit Website for more information.

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Our practice first opened in 1999 and we have been serving Bolton ever since.

We offer a full service 7 days a week, and can also deliver advice over the phone.

I began my counselling career in 1996 and whilst making headway to gain my diploma in counselling, the experience also highlighted the way forward in my own personal life.

I knew that after becoming a qualified counsellor I wanted to specialise in working with couples so in 1999 I joined relate.  The training and whole experience was magical, it opened a doorway to having the rare opportunity of exploring the unique ways couples struggle with their personal relationships.

Although working with couples is a specialised area I began to realise the importance of "the relationship" between people and how the quality of their interactions was the key to developing healthy relationships.

This drove me on to wanting to develop in other areas of counselling.

To date I have gained qualifications in counselling couples, individuals and young people in the following areas:

Couple counselling, Marriage guidance counselling, Relationship counselling, Individual counselling, Bereavement counselling, Stress and anxiety counselling, Mental health counselling, Sexual issues counselling, Post traumatic Stress counselling, Depression counselling, Abuse counselling, Dreamwork therapy, Life Coaching therapy,

Please note I am a member as well as being registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) who are the principal professional body for the regulation of counsellors and counselling.


32 Bradford Street
Bolton, BL2 1JJ
01204 284 285
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